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About Us

Dog Products by Dog People

PawLabs is a platform for creativity where we bring together our love for dogs and passion for innovation.

Our mission at PawLabs is to help dog lovers and innovators alike. We listen to their great ideas and get them the attention, resources, and support they need. We aim to create real, functional dog products with the welfare and happiness of our canine companions solely in mind. Hence dog products by dog people.

Every PawLabs project is an opportunity to create real, functional dog products that haven’t even yet hit the market. No goal is too high, no idea is too crazy. Imagine the functional toys you and your dog can enjoy, the specific supplements your pet needs, the canine innovations you wish someone would create — at PawLabs, we can work together to make those ideas come true.

If you have any questions reach out to us at or on our facebook page.