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Dog Wellness Matrix

4 Ways to Maximize Your Dog's Joint Health

“Health is more than the absence of disease.”

Just as in humans, the quality of our lives depend on a wide range of factors, with health decidedly at the forefront. For most of our history health has been thought of as a binary, either someone is healthy or they are unhealthy. And this concept of unhealthy was viewed with a simplistic brush only including serious negative conditions - disease, disability, etc. It is only in the last few decades that both the medical community and our culture at large have begun to pay attention to the more broad view of health, through a concept known as: Wellness.

Wellness looks deeper into one’s condition, taking into account lifestyle choices, actions, and environment as it relates to all aspects of a person’s life: physical, mental, behavioral. Dogs are no different, except for one key factor: a dependency on us.

Dog’s Wellness is similar to human wellness, but in the case of canines they depend on us. In this human dominated world, our canine companions are often completely reliant on us to understand and take actions to maximize their wellness. We control their food, their access to exercise, we monitor their health, choose when to play and when to discipline. Our responsibility to our dogs is massive - but worth every moment we get to have with our furry best friends.

Below are the five key factors of The Dog Wellness Matrix. We encourage everyone with a dog understand and appreciate these factors in order to maximize the well being and wellness and quality of life of our dogs!

"Food / Intake"

Responsibility to our dogs:


Free from Hunger / Thirst
Our dogs require consistent access to fresh clean water and a diet which provides the required nutrients and calories to sustain a dog’s weight.

Free from Overfeeding
We have control over the amount of food and the types of food our dogs eat. But too often we don’t monitor this closely enough which results in overeating and unhealthy weight gain. Its estimated that over half of dogs in the USA are overweight. Most vets consider obesity to be one of the top concerns for the health and well-being of dogs. Learn more about canine obesity.


    "Pain and Disease"

    Responsibility to our dogs:

    Regular Veterinary Visits
    Vets are the medical professionals our dogs need in their lives. This is critical for prevention and/or diagnosis and treatment of disease, injury, abnormal behavior, and potential pain.

    Careful Monitoring of Mobility
    Joint health and mobility are critical factors in a dog’s life, affecting their ability to feed, play, and maintain a happy and fulfilling life. Like humans, as dogs age their joints weaken and we must monitor for any of the following symptoms:




    • Limping
    • difficulty on stairs
    • slow movement
    • favoring one leg over another
    • pronounced inflammation and swelling
    • loss of interest in playing
    Our product G-Max Joint Support is designed to help enhance joint health and mobility in dogs. 

    Note: Your vet can provide suggestions on addressing the core issues behind the pain and how to best address arthritis. It is always best to consult your vet before medicating your dog so as to make sure you do not harm your dog. Take note of the frequency and dosage that applies for your dog.




        "Comfort, Shelter, Sleep"

        Responsibility to our dogs:

        Free From Discomfort
        Dogs require an environment appropriate for their size, activity level, and healthy natural behaviors. They also require a means of protection from extreme weather: cold, hot, rain, etc.

        Comfortable Resting Area
        Sleep is a critical process for all mammals. Dogs requires a dedicated, consistent area for rest and sleep in order for them to maintain health, resilience, and well-being.

          "Play and Joy"

          Responsibility to our dogs:

          Free to Act like a Dog
          Dogs need the freedom, space, and environment to express their natural behaviors. Increase a dog’s wellness by providing access to sufficient space and the opportunity to interact with other dogs.

          Free from Fear and Distress
          Like humans, dogs have complex minds full of potential for fear, anxiety, stress, and sadness. We have a responsibility to create an environment which minimizes mental suffering, providing a home of love, play, and joy.

          Awareness is often the leading contributing factor to a dog’s wellness. If we know what to do, what to optimize for, what to monitor, etc, we are far better equipped to serve our dogs and maximize their wellness. Together we can help increase the net-wellness of dogs across the globe.

          The Benefits of Using G-Max Joint Support

          • Helps Support your dog’s joint health.
          • Helps Enhance your dog’s overall mobility
          • Helps relieve joint pain
          • Helps Increase your dog’s flexibility
          • Helps Healthy cartilage and collagen regeneration