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About Us

PawLabs is a platform for creativity where we bring together our love for dogs and passion for innovation.

Pet wellness today goes beyond walks in the park, kibble and the odd trip to the vet. Man’s best friend is living longer, and we need to plan for our pets’ old age as well as our own. Our dogs are there for us as we grow, and we can do the same for them, and start living our best life with our furry companions.

We aim to create real, functional dog products with the welfare and happiness of your canine companions solely in mind, hence, dog products by dog people.

Every PawLabs project is an exciting opportunity to create fresh and functional dog products that are backed by hard science. No goal is too high, no idea is too crazy. Whatever the canine innovation — whether it’s fun and healthy dog supplements that your dog will see as a delicious dog treat, or fun and functional dog toys that both you and your companion will enjoy — at PawLabs, if you wish someone would create it, we can work together to make those dreams become a reality.

Our mission here at PawLabs is to help dog lovers and innovators alike. We listen to your great ideas, then provide you with the necessary resources and support you need. With the welfare and happiness of our canine companions solely in mind, we aim to create authentic pet products that are trustworthy, functional, and enjoyable.


 If you have any questions, reach out to us at  or call us at (725) 226-1306 (Mon-Fri, 10AM - 4PM EST)