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What Our Customers Are Saying

What Our Customers
Are Saying

We'd love you hear your story! Submit your photos at

We'd love you hear your story! Submit your
photos at

Thank you, Zoe. Yes, I’m confident in your product and I have talked about it to others with pets getting up in age. My Yorkie just turned 5. Your customer service and willingness to cooperate is a welcomed kindness and that is worth very much, so I will order again as we get close to the end of this supply. Stay well!

Patricia O.

Jacksonville, FL

This has completely changed our 12 year-old dog's life! Absolutely recommend this product to all my dog lovers out there and everyone that I personally know! This joint supplement really, really works!!!

Danielle Q.

Los Angeles, CA

Love this product so much! My dog had major anxiety about riding in the car, he would cry so badly it would cause him to vomit everywhere. I gave my pup 2 pieces and took him for a short ride. There was very minimal crying and no throw up! I went through the entire bottle and now he begs for car rides and truly enjoys them! I recently bought another to help him control his anxiety when home alone. It is worth every cent! My pup is so much happier now and I'm so thankful for that!

Beth I.

San Francisco, CA

I wasn’t sure about giving hemp to our dogs, but after convincing from a friend we gave these a try. So happy we did, our pup Elli was rescued from the local shelter. She has severe separation anxiety and have been off and on on meds for the past few years. We tried these instead and they have the same if not better effect in calming her anxiety. Will continue to use these as it’s only been few weeks. So far so good. We’re hopeful.

Melissa P.

Springdale, AR

These chews are awesome!! Our pit bull/ lab mix was a rescue and like a lot of these dogs, there’s been some kind of abuse. He has really bad separation anxiety. We had him on meds which really calmed him down, but we tried these chews as recommended by our neighbors to see if they would work instead. Glad to say they do and we took him off the meds!!

Oliver R.

Newark, DE

This is a great product for dogs. I have an Australian Shepherd that runs cows and she has gotten older so it's harder on her joints. This joint vitamin has been helping tremendously and it doesn't break the pocket book. They are also something she doesn't mind eating. Great product!

Jane T.

Charlotte, NC

Use these chews on both of our dogs which we both got at the same puppy mill rescue. They’re both lovely dogs but have severe seperation anxiety. It worked immediately on one of them but took a few days for the other to see considerable effects. We’ve tried others and didn’t work as well as Pawlabs.

Gordon D.

Albuquerque, NM

I just have to share!!! My dog Cher is just now on bottle number two of this wonderful product. She's now 13 and is dealing with kidney issues. I am SO HAPPY to say that since she's been taking G-Max, she has not lost control once! I can tell she's feeling so much better. Thank you!

Maryann B.

Los Angeles, CA

It works! My dog, Fido, a Golden retriever, used to suffer from extreme bloating after meals. My vet recommended trying Gut-Max Probiotic Chews for only a few days, his stomach issues were gone! We never have to worry about bloating anymore thanks to these amazing chews.

Troy R.

Tucson, AZ

These chews have made our families lives easier!! Our dog Bambi has terrible seperation anxiety so we try and take her with us when we can when visiting relatives. It used to be impossible having her in the car. Now she’s so calm and we’re so relieved. Much appreciated.

Rosa H.

Ramsey, MN

My dog Sam thinks these are treats, and better yet, they've done wonders for his back hips. He's a large Rot and I only need to give him two a day, morning and night, just before chow! My vet recommended Pawlabs G-Max Joint Support because for the closely monitored ingredients.

James E.

Chicago, IL

I'm so happy I tried Gut-Max Probiotic Chews for my king charles spaniel, Rocky! He's always had sensitive tummy issues, I believe the digestive enzymes and probiotics in the chews have done wonders. It has been a game changer for us both! I definitely love it!

Odin S.

Detroit, MI

My corgi, Fritz, was having issues with allergies and flatulence. I had almost given up hope! Then I tried Gut-Max Probiotic Chews and it has made a world of difference. Now Fritz is happy again with less scratching from allergies and no more stinky gas!

Kenny B.

Omaha, NE

Winston, a chihuahua, had been dealing with bloody stools for months. I was so worried about her health. But after just 1 month of taking Gut-Max Probiotic Chews every day, her poops are no longer bloody! Highly recommended!

Terese Y.

Boston, MA

Wonderful product, recommended by vet. Economical especially since I have the confidence that the stated therapeutic ingredients are truly in the tablets.

Candy R.

Austin, TX

I am very impressed with G-Max Joint Support. My 14 year-old, 88 lbs mix has severe hip dysplasia and had a TPLO surgery on his knee when he was 7. I switched from **** to G-Max 6 weeks ago and today he walked 75% of the long walk on his own. Thank you for helping my old man stay happy and active.

Christin W.

New York, NY

Diarrhea no more! My lab was having a lot of recurring issues with diarrhea and constantly feeling bloated. After giving them Gut-Max Probiotic Chews for a few weeks, not only did the amount of poop decrease significantly but it also became softer and more manageable to clean up! I highly recommend this product - thank you Gut-Max.

Maya F.

St. Louis, MO

My oldest dog has a nervous disposition. She barks at everything, she nervously chews her tail. But these calming chews have changed everything. She weighs about 45 lbs and I give her one in the morning and one in the afternoon. She's stopped the nervous chewing and excessive barking. She is starting to become the chill and relaxed. She's obviously in less discomfort!

Larson T.

Raleigh, NC

I noticed improvement within a few weeks (she's a 6-year old Pomeranian), but after several months on these pills, she no longer shows any sign of arthritis in her hips and legs. Also, she no longer has to struggle when climbing the stairs.

David M.

Houston, TX

I recently tried Gut-Max Dog Probiotic Chews for my Australian shepherd and it's been a game changer for me. These chews have really made a difference in her health. I've noticed that her upset stomach and loose stool are gone too! They're also budget friendly, which is an added bonus. Recommended this to my friends.

Lola P.

Raleigh, NC

So grateful for G-Max, got Daisy off prescription meds, going for walks again. She is pain free!!! She has been suffering arthritis for 8 years. So happy to see her enjoying life again!!! Got a coworker hooked on it to for his 11 year old dog great progress. Thank you!

Cornelia V.

Kansas City, MO

My 13 y.o. labrador retriever, Bear, has been taking the Probiotic Chew for the last few months and I am HAPPY with the results so far! His digestive health has improved and he no longer suffers from diarrhea, or an upset stomach. I can tell he loves the taste and eagerly eats it!

Gus C.

Miami, FL

So blessed I found Gut-Max Probiotic Chews! My pup's diarrhea was getting worse and nothing seemed to help. We tried some of the chews we found on Amazon. After giving him gut-max, his digestion improved almost immediately. Still in disbelief - no more diarrhea!!! Thank you!

Jared V.

Dallas, TX

These treats work really well. We got our dog from the shelter and we assume it was neglected or abused. Whatever the case , she gets terribly anxious and even wets the floor. We have her on medication, but these treats work so well, we took her off the meds. Thank you!

Lanny M.

Fort Worth, TX

Honestly didn’t think these chews would work. We’ve tried other brands, like 3 and none of them really worked. We saw a slight change, but nothing like these chews. Our dogs separation anxiety is no more! We love what these chews has done for him. Thanks again.

John T.

Sacramento, CA

Our poor Dotty has sever seperation anxiety. So bad we were considering meds, but so happy we tried these since there seem less evasive and natural. Best part, it’s works!! She no longer whimpers n shakes when we leave. We can’t thank you enough!!

Jody V.

Seattle, WA

Thank God I discovered Gut-Max Probiotic Chews! My large golden retriever Bentley was always having terrible gas and bloating issues. After trying these chews for two weeks, it's like night and day! He feels much better now. Awesome product!

Riley L.

Washington, DC

Our dog Zedd is 4 years old and gets overly excited and anxious every time we get ready for a walk. He scratches our hard wood floors and can’t even walk right. We tried these chews, and he’s a way calmer dog in most if not all situations.

Hendry D.

San Francisco, CA

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